Zapier Integration Overview


Last updated: May 15, 2024


Zapier seamlessly connects with essential web applications in your workflow, allowing you to sync data effortlessly between them. ListKit integrates with all Zapier-supported apps, including Slack, Google Sheets, Typeform, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, and more.

ListKit Integration Features

Zapier connects apps and services using Zaps. Each Zap consists of a trigger step and at least one action step. A trigger is an event that initiates a Zap, while an action is the task the Zap performs. When a Zap is activated and a trigger event occurs, Zapier automatically executes the corresponding action steps for you.

The ListKit-Zapier Integration includes the following ListKit-based events that you can use to connect ListKit with any Zapier-supported app(s)

Supported Trigger Step

The supported trigger step for ListKit include Order Webhook.

Email Order Completed: Triggers when an email order is completed.
Verifier Order Completed: Triggers when a verifier order is completed.

ListKit pairing



Zoho CRM


Webhooks by Zapier

Google Sheets



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