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Triple Verified Leads

At ListKit, we redefine the standards of quality with our Triple Verified Leads, empowering your business with a distinct advantage in today's competitive landscape.

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Why choose triple verified leads?

Save Time

Eliminate the need for manual lead screening and focus on growing your business.

Build Trust

With accurate and reliable leads, you build trust with your audience.

Stay Competitive

Our triple verified leads give you the competitive edge you 

Old process ❌
Waste of time & money 🤨
ListKit.io process ✅
Just three steps! 🤩

With other data platforms, there's an 8-step process to build a list of leads:

Manually selecting 50 leads at a time to build a list (this is extremely redundant)
Send the list to a spreadsheet
Upload the list to an email verifier like NeverBounce (AND pay for that software)
Upload the "risky" emails to a catch-all software (AND pay for that software)
Send catch-all emails to new sheet
Upload the finalized list to a Google Sheet
Delete the invalid emails
THEN upload the list to your sending tool
All in all, a 3-4 hour process to get a list ready ⏰

With ListKit, there's a 3-step process to build a list of leads:

Select 1000s of leads at once (and export them all at once)
Click confirm and wait 4-5 minutes for the list to your hit your inbox
Upload the list to your sending tool
That's it 🎉

This process can be done from start to finish in 10 minutes, with ListKit being the ONLY software needed

No NeverBounce, no catch-all verifier.

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