Why Are My Cold Emails Going to Spam?
Why Are My Cold Emails Going to Spam?
Last updated:
April 13, 2022
Christian Bonnier
Christian Bonnier
Christian is creative director at ListKit and co-founder at KnowledgeX.

There are a number of reasons why your cold emails may be going to your prospects’ spam inbox.

It could be because you’re sending too many emails per day from one domain, you’re not personalizing your emails, or you’re not using a warmup tool to keep your domain in good health.

Regardless of the reason why you’re going to spam, you will never get results with cold email if your emails aren’t landing in the prospects’ primary inbox.

And with the recent algorithm changes Google made, it’s become harder than ever to get your emails delivered to prospects’ primary inbox.

Here are a few ways you can prevent your cold emails from going to spam:

Use A Warmup Tool

Using a warmup tool is the number one way to keep your domain in good health.

All a warmup tool does is send “mock” emails to other users of the tool to show Google or Microsoft that you’re using your domain for more than cold outreach.

Of course, these emails don’t harm your reputation because the only people receiving them are others that use the tool for their own domain.

These mock emails are sent out fully on autopilot, so before you get started sending cold emails be sure to get set up with a warmup tool.

Personalize Your Emails

Another red flag for deliverability is if you’re sending out dozens of emails with the exact same body copy in them.

The easiest way to avoid this is to include personalized lines in all of the cold emails you send.

A personalized line is a compliment written about a prospect.

A good example:

“Saw you were featured in Forbes 40 under 40 in 2019. Massive congrats!”

Not only will this make each email you send unique and non-templated, but you will also get a better response rate once prospects see you’ve done your research!

Writing first lines on your own is a time intensive process, and isn’t a task any business owner should be doing.

AI first lines are a great way to include personalization in your emails at scale.

Maintain A Healthy Sending Volume

If you’re looking to really bolster your sales pipeline with cold email leads, you may be tempted to blast out hundreds of emails a day to a list of prospects to try and get as many SQLs as possible.

Unfortunately, doing this will raise another red flag and cause all your cold emails to go to spam.

Instead of sending a massive amount of emails from one domain, there are a few ways around this:

  • Start with just 5-10 emails sent per day for the first week and gradually increase your sending volume each week until you hit 50-60 emails being sent per day
  • Purchase several domains and repeat this same process until you eventually have a handful of domains sending out 50-60 emails per day

This way, you’ll stay compliant with Google’s email policy and won’t run the risk of getting your cold email domain burned.

Include An Unsubscribe Opt-Out

If you don’t give prospects the option to opt-out of receiving more emails from you, you may run into the issue of a few prospects reporting your emails as spam.

To avoid this situation, include a line at the very bottom of your emails giving prospects the ability to opt-out.

A great example:

“If you wish to stop receiving emails from me, please reply ‘unsubscribe'”.

Email deliverability can be a tricky subject, especially with all of the changes Google has made recently that’s caused more emails to land in spam.

If you properly warm up your domain, use personalization, and give prospects an option to opt-out of your emails, you’ll give yourself a much better chance at avoiding spam filters and getting your emails delivered to prospects’ primary inbox.

Verify Your Email Data

Most data platforms don't give you verified email contacts when you export a list of leads.

If too many of your emails are bouncing back because the data isn't verified, your domain score will be affected.

And if your domain score starts dropping, your emails will hit the spam folder.

Typically, the only solution was to use a third-party enrichment tool to verify your email contacts.

Now, you can let ListKit verify your email contacts for you!

When you export a list from ListKit, every single email contact is automatically verified and ready to go.

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