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Lead Gen Masterclass
Categories: Lead Generation
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About Course
Welcome to the ListKit Lead Gen Masterclass!
Our goal is to give you more value than most paid courses, and make sure you’re running your agency or sales operation in the most efficient way possible.
We’re going all the way from building an ideal client profile, through to closing sales predictably.
Let’s dive in!
What Will You Learn?
  • Developing your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) for you or your clients
  • Developing a compelling Unique Sales Proposition (USP) for you or your clients
  • Building lists of verified ICP prospect data (and how to segment them to get the best results)
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you or your clients get more replies and sales
  • How to write outreach messages that get positive replies and turn into meetings/sales
  • How to identify visitors on your or your clients' websites and reach out while they're in-market
  • How to use Slack + automation to automate the inbox management process
  • Proven sales scripts and frameworks to help you close deals easier than before
  • Some extra tips to help you grow your agency or sales operation sustainably over time
Course Content

Business & Campaign Basics

Knowing who your ICP & USP is the basis of whether your campaigns achieve positive ROI or not. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!
How to Pick the Right Niche
How to Build a Solid Ideal Client Profile (ICP)
How to Develop a Compelling USP

List Building

Data can be a confusing mess and the achilles heel of your agency. Learn how to keep things simple and effective.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator 101
Personalized First Lines
Technographic Data
Other Data Softwares
Outsource the Process

Writing Outreach Messages

Learn how to write effective cold outreach messages across channels that generate positive responses and meetings.
Subject Lines
LinkedIn Messages
Cold Email Messages
Direct Mail

Technical Stuff

With cold email and LinkedIn, there are some technical things to worry about, let's make sure your messages are hitting the inbox and getting you results!
Cold Email Deliverability

Organizing Incoming Leads

Managing the inbox can be stressful. We show you automations and apps that make sure you don't leave money on the table.
Slack Notifications
Using Visitor Identification to Capture Demand

From Lead to Qualified Meeting

Learn how to convert an incoming lead response into a booked sales meeting.
How to Move a Positive Response to a Booked Meeting

From Qualified Meeting to Closed Sale

Learn how to build rapport and how to use simple frameworks to ask the right questions and close deals with confidence.
The Perfect Discovery Call
Proven Sales Script
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8 ratings
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2 years ago
These guys give real value, No BS and straight to the actionable points that get you results. Best $47 for cold email training. Thanks for giving so much value. your free email newsletter alone worth $$$$. Keep up the great work! Cheers,
oluwafemi adams
2 years ago
Great course. Thank you Alex for making everything look so simple. I will recommend this course to anyone interested in knowing more about lead generation.
2 years ago
The course is very solid I learned many new things which are not presented in many of the so-called guru's courses. Glad to found something so valuable for free. Thanks to Alex and the team for providing such a valuable course.
Deniz Turan
2 years ago
Alex does a great job at explaining all the little details and the why behind everything in the process. I wasn't expecting this course to be packed with this much value. There is a lot of gold nuggets in this course that I wish I knew about sooner. Definitely upped my cold outreach game significantly, so thank you Alex! This course could have been selling on gumroad, crazy to see it being provided for free on listkit.
maximino grantham
2 years ago
The ICP, USP, Linkedin, software, and Cold Email videos were the most valuable. I interviewed a roofer on behalf of my client for over 30 minutes, and took away so much gold. Would never skip that part now yet wouldn't have done so without watching this course. Truly a masterclass in what matters, and I feel more professional about my set-up and research for my agency. Great, high-value and $0 cost masteclass, I so appreciate Alex and the team!
Steve Robles
2 years ago
10 out of 5!
sourabh mittal
2 years ago
Great Work Alex. probably everything you need to run an outbound marketing agency. loved it!
2 years ago
Very very solid course. These guys are very knowledgable and learned a lot about doing outreach the RIGHT WAY. Learned more in this course than a 4k$ bullshit course.
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March 7, 2023 Last Updated
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Alex Gray
Material Includes
  • Video guides
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Templates and resources
  • You should be running cold outreach either as an agency or sales operation for a company
  • You should have a skill/service/product to offer to a B2B focused market
  • You should know the basics of what cold outreach is and why companies do it
  • Cold Outreach Agencies
  • Sales Professionals
  • B2B Companies