Closing a $10k Deal Using ListKit Leads - A Case Study
Closing a $10k Deal Using ListKit Leads - A Case Study
Last updated:
February 12, 2024
Christian Bonnier
Christian Bonnier
Co-Founder at ListKit

JP and Pacs, the dynamic duo behind a thriving Klaviyo email marketing agency, faced a common yet daunting challenge many digital marketers encounter: the inefficacy of cold email campaigns. Despite their expertise in catering to direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce brands, their cold outreach efforts were initially met with minimal success. That was until they discovered the transformative potential of ListKit for lead generation, a pivotal moment that led to closing multiple deals, including an impressive $10,000 contract.

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Who Are JP and Pacs?

JP and Pacs oversee a comprehensive marketing agency dedicated to amplifying the online presence of DTC e-commerce brands. Operating in a sector where cold emailing traditionally yields low conversion rates, their agency offers a spectrum of services from ad management and content creation to comprehensive website and email marketing strategies, coupled with optimizing customer journeys.

The Shift to a Value-Based Cold Email Strategy

As they looked to scale their business, JP and Pacs adopted a unique "value-based" approach. Recognizing the ineffectiveness of direct sales pitches, they innovated their strategy by offering prospective clients tangible value upfront. 

Instead of immediately steering the conversation towards sales or scheduling calls, they offered a free, custom-designed email template or a personalized video critique of the prospect's current email marketing strategy. This approach was not just about showcasing their expertise; it was about building a relationship based on trust and value from the first interaction.

Implementing the Strategy with ListKit Leads

The transition to using ListKit for their lead generation needs was a game-changer in executing this value-based strategy. ListKit's real-time lead verification ensured that each email was timely and relevant, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of their personalized offers. With accurate and up-to-date leads, JP and Pacs could create their free lead magnets custom for each prospect, demonstrating an understanding of each prospect's unique needs and challenges.

The Impact of Offering Value First

This approach served multiple purposes. Firstly, it significantly increased the open and response rates of their campaigns, as recipients were more inclined to engage with an email that offered them immediate value. Secondly, it positioned JP and Pacs as experts in their field, creating a first impression that they were not just another marketing agency looking to make a quick sale but a partner invested in their prospects' success.

The strategy proved to be exceptionally effective, leading to more booked sales calls. Prospects were not only impressed by the quality of the free work but were also more open to discussing how JP and Pacs' services could further enhance their marketing efforts. This approach directly contributed to closing significant deals, including the standout $10,000 client, illustrating the power of leading with value.


Enhancing Campaign Confidence with ListKit's Precision Data

A significant aspect of JP and Pacs' turnaround in their cold email campaign success can be attributed to ListKit. Before discovering ListKit, their lead generation efforts weren’t efficient - lots of time invested, with little to show for it.

ListKit, however, gave them access to precise, up to date email leads thanks to our advanced filtering options like industry, keyword, and employee count. These filters helped them target highly qualified eCommerce brands with a much higher propensity to engage.

Targeting with Precision

The ability to filter leads by industry meant that JP and Pacs could exclusively focus on eCommerce brands, eliminating irrelevant contacts from their campaigns. The keyword filter further refined their search, enabling them to identify brands that were specifically looking for email marketing solutions or had shown interest in areas related to their service offerings. Additionally, the employee count filter helped them target businesses at the right scale—those large enough to benefit from and afford their comprehensive email marketing services but not so large that they would likely have in-house solutions.

Customizing Outreach for Maximum Relevance

Armed with ListKit's robust data, JP and Pacs crafted their cold emails with an unprecedented level of customization. Knowing the industry, size, and specific interests of each prospect allowed them to personalize their messages significantly. This wasn't just about using the prospect's name or company in the email; it was about creating a narrative that spoke directly to the prospect's current challenges and goals. For instance, for a small eCommerce brand showing interest in expanding its market reach, JP and Pacs would highlight their expertise in scaling email marketing efforts to drive customer acquisition.

The Result: Campaigns That Resonate and Convert

The detailed, accurate data provided by ListKit transformed JP and Pacs' cold email campaigns from shots in the dark to targeted strikes. This precision led to higher open rates, as recipients recognized the relevance of the emails to their business needs. More importantly, the response rates soared as the value-based approach, coupled with highly personalized and relevant content, encouraged more prospects to engage in meaningful conversations.

Building Trust Through Relevance

One of the unintended yet valuable outcomes of using ListKit was the level of trust it helped build between JP and Pacs and their prospects. When recipients saw that the emails addressed their specific situation and needs, it signaled that JP and Pacs had done their homework and were genuinely interested in providing solutions that fit. This relevance, powered by ListKit's accurate data, laid the foundation for trust, which is critical in converting cold leads into engaged prospects and, eventually, into paying clients.

Success with ListKit - Closing a 10k Client

A testament to ListKit's effectiveness, JP and Pago shared their excitement about closing a client worth $10,000, directly attributed to the leads generated through ListKit. Not only did they close a massive client for their agency, they’re spending less time than ever before on their cold email efforts! Less time, better results, higher ROI.

Conclusion: Revolutionizing Cold Email with Value and Precision

The journey of JP and Pacs is a compelling testament to the transformative power of combining innovative outreach strategies with the right tools. By transitioning from traditional cold email tactics to a value-based approach, augmented by the precision of ListKit's lead generation, they were able to dramatically improve their outreach effectiveness. This strategy not only facilitated significant business growth but also redefined how cold outreach can be conducted in the digital marketing space. ListKit emerges as an invaluable asset for any agency looking to refine their cold email campaigns, proving that the right blend of technology and strategy can unlock unprecedented success.

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Close your next client with listKit

500MM B2B database. Triple-verified emails and phone numbers. Credit-based only. Skool community. Founded by 7-figure outreach experts.

Pay for triple-verified leads only

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