Book More Meetings With A Loom Video Cold Email Outreach Strategy
Book More Meetings With A Loom Video Cold Email Outreach Strategy
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Christian Bonnier
Christian Bonnier
Co-Founder at ListKit

We used a Loom video cold email strategy to scale our lead generation agency to $100k/mo in 2022.

Best part?

All it takes is a slight tweak in your cold email CTA to copy this strategy and start booking more meetings from email!

Here's the 3 step process you can follow to use Loom video pitches in your cold emails:

Pitching the video in your CTA

Unless you have 8 hours a day to dedicate to this strategy, recording a personalized Loom for every prospect in your leads list isn't realistic…

Instead, ASK for permission the send the video.

"Mind if I share a video explaining further?"

This way, you're only recording the video for WARM leads.

Say you get 14 replies after sending 1000 emails…

You only have to create 14 Looms, and they're for people who already showed INTEREST in seeing it.

Efficient, right?

Plus, waiting for a reply gives you more control over the process.

Got a reply, but the prospect isn't qualified?

No problem…

Send them a pre-recorded Loom, or just move onto the next.

Recording the video

Don't overthink the video itself.

Follow these rules:

- 3-5 minutes MAX

- Start the video with a clear agenda

- Close the video with a CTA pushing for a call

And of course, make sure the video is actually VALUABLE.

Open with a clear agenda:

"In this video, I'm going to walk through 3 key points to accomplish X"

Closing the video with a CTA:

"You likely found something in the video you can apply right away. Happy to hop on a quick call to explain further if you're open to it."

DO NOT use the video to pitch your services, discuss pricing, or go over your packages.

The video should be strictly VALUE-based…

With the goal of showcasing your authority to the point where the prospect is ready to hop on a call and open the checkbook.

Sending the video

You can record the best Loom in the world, but it doesn't matter if the video never gets viewed. 

Follow the template below when sending your video over email…

Let's break down the key points from this template:

- Telling them to actually CLICK the thumbnail

As obvious as this seems, telling prospects HOW to view it will increase the "open rate" on your video!

- Sharing timestamps of the video to look out for

This will get them excited to view it AND stay for the whole thing

- EMBED the video as a thumbnail

This is KEY…

Embedding the video gives prospects a sneak peek, which will lead to more opens & views.

- Include a written CTA

You need to spell out EXACTLY what the next after watching the video is…

In this case, scheduling a call!

If you're getting ghosted after sending the video, don't worry about following up manually…

Just set up a subsequence in your sending tool and let the software do the followups for you!

Check out this YouTube video to learn how to book calls on autopilot by setting up a subsequence.

This 3-step video outreach strategy is virtually guaranteed to give you a huge boost in replies, booked calls, and closed deals.

Hope this helped!

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