The ListKit Team Takes On Web Summit
The ListKit Team Takes On Web Summit
Last updated:
December 10, 2023
Christian Bonnier
Christian Bonnier
Co-Founder at ListKit

Even though our team may be 100% remote, with team members from across the globe spanning across 7 time zones…

ListKit’s company culture is unrivaled.

The team recently met up in-person at Web Summit, and it was an incredible time!

Global Connections: Meeting in Person for the First Time

Despite being a 100% remote team scattered across seven time zones, the ListKit crew recently gathered at Web Summit for the first time. Picture team members from Portugal, Ukraine, England, and Lebanon meeting face-to-face. It was a pivotal moment, strengthening our camaraderie beyond virtual interactions.

Collaborative Customer Engagement: Our Booth at Web Summit

At Web Summit, ListKit took center stage with its own booth. Here, our founding team, developers, and customer support team collaborated seamlessly to spread ListKit to Web Summit attendees. Engaging with customers directly provided valuable insights and showcased the depth of our team's collaboration capabilities.

Balancing Work and Relaxation: Web Summit After Hours

After the professional hustle of the summit, the team unwound during after-hours events. Company dinners and drinks provided a relaxed atmosphere, reinforcing our belief in balancing hard work with moments of leisure. Because at ListKit, we understand the importance of building strong interpersonal relationships beyond the workplace.

Continuous Growth at Web Summit

Being part of the "alpha" group at Web Summit marked our status as newcomers, initiating what we envision as a tradition for ListKit. As we progress to the "beta" group and beyond in the coming years, this journey reflects our commitment to sustained growth and active participation in key industry events.

In summary, ListKit offers more than just a professional opportunity; it provides a chance to be part of a global, collaborative family, engage directly with customers, strike a balance between work and leisure, and contribute to a tradition of continuous growth. If you're seeking a workplace that combines professional excellence with a sense of community, ListKit is excited to welcome you.

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